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Do I need my own products or business to use FutureAdPro?

No. Even if you have no personal links you wish to advertise in FutureAdPro you can still participate in sharing the companies profit by purchasing AdPacks.

Can I use this copy + paste system if I already have a FutureNet account?

Yes! To set up the Yellow Brick Road system, skip steps 1,2 & 3 and click the "Recruiter Hub" button and follow the steps.

How much do AdPacks pay?

One $50 AdPack will expire after it has returned $60 into your FutureAdPro account. There are no guarantees but us affiliates have seen a steady rate of around $0.50 per Adpack every day. The more active AdPacks you have, the bigger share of the company's profit you'll have.

Will this take much of my time?

You'll only need 5-10 minutes per day. Don't let the business confuse you. Once you've set up your FutureNet accounts & optional YBR system one time, all you have to do is watch ten 30 second ads every 24 hours. There's seriously nothing else to do!


What is Yellow Brick Road?

Yellow Brick Road (YBR) is a shareable sales funnel built inside a marketing tool called Power Lead System for promoting FutureAdPro to help build your downline. It is not a standalone company. The YBR system includes capture pages and an email campaign all coded to you once set up. All you have to do is send traffic to your system.

Do I need the Yellow Brick Road System as well as FutureNet?

No. The YBR system is only for those looking to recruit others into their downline. If you're new to recruiting others, It's recommended to build up FutureAdPro first before considering using Yellow Brick Road.

What are the referral commissions?

Direct referral commissions in FutureAdPro are from 3% up to 8% on every single AdPack ever bought by your downline (powerful). This is dependent on your status level in which you can choose to upgrade as your business grows. You can qualify for up to 5 levels of commissions in your downline by upgrading your status level. Beginners should start at the lower status levels.

What are the FutureNet Friend Trees?

Six FutureNet product packages, each of them is a separate product with a different value. Joining a friend tree gives you a position in a 3x10 matrix which pays 5% for every single person who falls into that matrix whether your personally signed that person up or not. You cannot join the higher value friend trees without joining the lower ones first.

Should I upgrade to the friend trees or buy AdPacks?

Ultimately the choice is yours, and there are people making $25,000 PER DAY from the friend trees. But the focus of our system & community is FutureAdPro which pays more of a predictable income (no guarantees). I'd recommend to join at least the first $10 friend tree then start building FutureAdPro. Start getting paid every 30 minutes.


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